About Me

Welcome to my dysfunctional blog. I’m Marissa and I’ll be your caretaker while you’re here.

This guy here is the second in command. His name is Carver but he will answer to anything if your voice has the right inflection. 

Sean, my numero uno non-furry four-legged guy, is along for the ride also. We’ve been together over half a decade and are planning on forever. 

I’m a nursing student at Grand View University but I’m in my 5th year of college so I’m practically a pro at this school stuff. Sean has a marketing degree from Iowa State and works in Des Moines and Ankeny in marketing-sales.  Carver is an only child and prefers it that way. 

I enjoy studying and taking tests. Pause not. In my spare time I like to cook and decorate my apartment and travel back home to Camanche as much as I can but nursing school doesn’t seem to care what I like. They say it’ll be over as soon as it starts but whoever said that is a liar. This nursing school business is taking FORVER. 

I started this blog to document my journey in nursing school but soon discovered it’s really depressing to talk about nothing but nursing school all the time. I put it to a vote and since I only had 2 followers at the time, I decided to start blogging about the fun things in my life also.

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