Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting...

Katelyn over at A Wife’s Life does a weekly post called ‘Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday’. Love the idea. And through my blog creeping on The Vintage Apple, I see that lots of crafty people are doing it also. Stealing it!

Ornament Wreath idea from Eddie Ross
I absolutely HATE wire hangers so I am all for putting one to death for the sake of crafting. Plus this would a great weeknight craft to do when I need to escape from nursing school.

Glitter ornaments! Homemade, cheap and easy (just like my friend Jenna!)
 Love these! I’m decorating my tree with a bunch of these this year instead of buying ornaments. I’m thinking red and silver to make my living room decor.

Homemade air fresheners
 These are going to be made soon before Yankee Candles, Bath and Body wallflowers and Scentsy drain my bank accounts. I love living with my boys (Boyfriend and dog) but it’s a constant battle to keep this place smelly yummy.
Homemade pop-tarts!!
Pop-tarts are always on the grocery list, when I’m runny late they are usually my breakfast so I’m not late to class. A homemade alternative that is healthier and any flavor I want sounds AMAZING!!!
Relationship timeline wall
I can’t wait to do a wall like this! We don’t have any long hallway walls right now plus we don’t have any significant milestones like an engagement or wedding so this one can wait.
Confetti Artwork-I have to decide where to put one 
Knock-off anthropology confetti tumblers

Snack bottles
 Side note- I did find the picture for these on pinterest Sunday but I already use several for snacks around our apt. I got the idea from Dana at Love Like This Life but I can’t find the exact post where she talks about how she uses them to put snacks in for her husband. He is paralyzed from the chest down so has limited use of his arms and hands and this keeps the snacks from getting everywhere.

Car kit. Why didn’t I think of this?

EVERYDAY I think this…college life sucks
Sorry for the long post, I didn’t do anything this weekend so I had tons of Pinterest finds to share! 



  1. We share a hate for wire hangers...I despise them! I am pinning those glitter ornaments - so beautiful!!!

  2. Came over from the linkup...LOVE all of your pins!! I also HATE wire hangers and when I made a wreath like this last year I actually had to go to a dry cleaners and get one. LOL! Also loving the timeline wall....I want to do something like that!! I am your newest follower and hope you will check my blog out too!!

  3. I like the idea of homemade fresheners and healthier versions of pop tarts!

  4. homemade pop tarts?! so fun!

    xo, sarah grace

  5. Hey thanks for the shout out haha

    1. There are LOTS more shout outs if you look back farther!