Saturday, December 8, 2012

Migraine Inducing Centerpiece

Anyone who knows me can verify that I love making projects from Pinterest. Well I like taking an idea from pinterest, researching at least 5 other versions of how it is made and a few other variations of it and THEN I make it.

And of course I can’t find either of the pins where I got my ideas from They are probably on some random board. I shouldn’t drink and pin.

Since I survived hell week and finished all my papers and projects in amazing fashion and only one all nighter this week I treated myself with new something for the apartment from TJ Maxx.

I got one of their AWESOME and massive glass pieces for $12.99 and knew I had three matching candles that were collecting dust and needed to be used pronto. I spent WAY too much on coffee beans that I’m using for decoration but they look great and support the candles perfectly.

One of the pinterest posts showed coffee beans and tea lights set on top and the author said the smell was amazing! Sounded good enough to me.
What a great glow!
It looks perfect on my coffee table and I was enjoying it for a few hours but then I started to develop a headache because boy are those beans STRONG. Very strong. Actions had to be taken. 

Foil on top of centerpiece to hold in smell. 
Hopefully the smell will fade a little, otherwise I’ll only take the foil off when we leave. But it looks pretty cute if you ask me! 

Happy Saturday! I’m going to bed early to try and get my sleep schedule back to normal. 


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