Monday, December 3, 2012

A Little Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas as much as the next person but one I do hate is spending a ton of money on decorations that sit in a box in a closet for 11 months. That’s valuable closet space around these parts.

My mom has 9 totes of Christmas decorations. I think we use two of them each year. The rest of them sit in the garage and wait to be put away because it’s too cold for us to sort through it and decide what to get rid of. It’s a tragic cycle. I’m trying to avoid it. She has some fantastic stuff but it’s from when we lived in Colorado and had a house twice the size of our current house and she used to go ALL out and even use special snowman dishes. She’s still a holiday baller but she doesn’t have room for it all.

Anyway back to me, I said I wasn’t going to decorate but the Christmas gene runs deep and I gave in. I’m keeping it simple. I really wanted to go buy a big tree but I’m going to way until next year. My Charlie Brown wannabe tree will do for now.

On the left is our ‘big’ tree. Good joke, right? On the right is my barbie tree. My mom has been buying me a barbie ornament since 1994 and this year we decided I should take the ornaments after her dog ripped the veil off bridal barbie. He’s an asshole.


Sean’s vase arrangement 
My vase arrangement
Kitchen island display
My hurricanes filled with inexpensive beaded garland 

Cube wine. Why have a never heard of this? Everyone should go find some (I got mine at Super Target) and try it. I like it and recommend. 
I love my floor vases. And Tinsel is dirt cheap. Ta-da.  

I’m not sorry for the following pictures. I feed him, water him, buy him treats and toys, lets him outside and share more than of the bed than I should with him so he can sit through a few harmless picture. Not sorry in any way. He at another dog’s poo last week and then threw-up on my carpet and I had to clean it up, he had this coming. 

So much for our cute Christmas card :(
For those of you who don’t live in Iowa, we have been experiencing some wicked fog lately. I had to stop in Iowa City on my way home from Des Moines for Thanksgiving break because it was so bad.

This is what we experienced Sunday here in the metro area:

The weather lady in Des Moines said it would clear up my noon. Lies. I drove through fog on my way home at 8 that night. And today it is 70 degrees. There is no such thing as a winter or summer wardrobe  in this state, it all stay out all year round because crap like this happens.

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