Friday, September 14, 2012

A week in the Life

I have survived three weeks of nursing school. Hurray!
I here it’s all down hill from here. What? No? Shoot.
It’s been chaos getting adjusted to my schedule and the system of things but I finally have it figured out.
I got to meet my mentor V, short for Vedrana, this week who is supposed to help me with classes, papers, the NSA convention, plan my spring schedule or anything else I need help with that pertains to nursing school. She’s one year ahead of me in the program and luckily she’s my age and not a year or two younger like most of the juniors and mentors. I would probably have had a hard time listening to someone younger than me give me advice on succeeding when they’ve been in school two years less than I have.

Here’s my week in a nut shell:
Class 11-2
Work 3-1130
When I get home at midnight I start homework and do that until at least 2am.

Clinical 9-1150
Classes 1-8:15pm then home to do homework

Class 11-2
Work 3-1130
Homework 12-2am
Sleep if there’s time

Class 9-250
Work 3-1130
Homework 12-2am
Very little sleep because I was drinking coffee at 11

Class 9-2
crash. [insert nap here]

By Friday I’m ready to snap and walking around by a zombie but now that I’m out of class I’m on a weekend energy high and ready to do anything that doesn’t have to do with nursing school. At least for a day. Tomorrow I’ll do homework. Or Sunday.


P.S. Carver hates that I’m gone so much but I don’t think he minds our late night study dates. We cuddle up on the couch and his snoring keeps me awake. He’s such a team player.

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