Friday, September 7, 2012

When the CyHawk Rivalry is more than just a game..

The Iowa vs Iowa State game is tomorrow. I will be working but most of my other friends will either be at the game, drunk in the tailgating areas outside the stadium, drunk watching the game at home or like me they will be working and hopefully not drunk. That’s frowned upon….don’t drink and work people. 

In my house, the cyhawk rivalry is quite serious. I went to Iowa and my boyfriend Sean graduated from Iowa State. We don’t get into huge fights over it but we avoid each other on game days. Last year I cried when Iowa lost. Mostly because I was stuck in Ames for the weekend with a bunch of cyclone fans and I was not mentally prepared to deal with listening to them taunt me. It was bad. 

Aleah and her boyfriend are also a divided couple
This year, I don’t really care who wins. I went to Iowa but I also want to support the school Sean went to. Plus I look way better in red…

So go team! I’m not sure which shirt I will wear tomorrow….I guess I will wake up and decide! 


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