Sunday, September 23, 2012

Carver’s Weekend

Carver and I got to spend the weekend at my mom’s house. Yay!

That dog certainly loves a car ride. It’s really odd how much he loves them. He passes out as soon as the car starts.

He did wake up when I tried to eat a cheeseburger without him and he scared the crap out of me and I almost wrecked the car. Moral of the story? Inform the dog when you’re about to eat to make sure he knows and she if he wants any. I ended up giving him almost half of it out of guilt. How dare I try to eat something I purchased without sharing.

Mom’s puppy Brutus is getting really big and Carver is really starting to tolerate him…kind of. Brutus is a manipulative jerk though and cries if anything doesn’t go his way. Carver doesn’t play into that game and just knocks him on his butt. “If you want to cry, I’ll give you something to cry about.” Well put.

Carver had to stay home and babysit the puppy while Callie, mom and I went to watch his uncle Chod play in his homecoming football game Friday night. He was NOT happy about it but sometimes life isn’t fair. The Indians lost their game but played pretty well.

Saturday Carver’s cousin Marlee (my uncle’s dog) came over to play. She was not impressed with either of the boys and refused to play. So much for a playdate. Uncle Chod got ready for his dance, which he had a date to….an actual girl! Again Carver had to babysit but only for a little bit so we could go take pictures. Chod and all the kids looked very nice. It’s hard to believe they are all juniors and seniors now and not still in middle school like I picture them.

Sunday on our way home Carver and I stopped in Cedar Rapids to help mom with a 31 party and Carver got to have a playdate with Genghis the pug. He didn’t play much but he’s been passed out ever since. I’m surprised I didn’t have to carry him in the apartment.

It was a nice relaxing weekend but now I have two exams to study for. :(


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