Sunday, September 30, 2012

I’m a Hulu addict

Hi, my name is Marissa and I am addicted to Hulu. Maybe just TV in general but I am very selective about what I watch and Sean says I have a really weird selection that I follow.

I never have time to watch shows most days during the week so when I do have time it’s a binge session. Since so many new shows have started lately, I have turned to Hulu to help me pick out new shows to watch and to keep up with my old favorites.

Here’s my Hulu list!


~Grey’s Anatomy

~The Mindy Project

~The New Normal (PLEASE watch this if you are looking for a new show!)


~New Girl

~Modern Family

~Vampire Diaries

Other shows I enjoy watching when they’re on:

~Bones on Netflix

~How I Met Your Mother on since Hulu doesn’t get it

~Breaking Amish

~Married to Jonas

~Anything on HGTV

~Good Luck Charlie (don’t judge me)

~Phineas and Ferb (this show is hilarious no matter how old you are)

Don’t judge me. You already have. I don’t care. Hulu understands me. I have been sick since Wednesday and Sean has been out of town since Thursday so you know who has been taking care of me? Hulu.  Not Carver, he won’t have anything to do with me and my cooties. Hulu gets 100 gold stars for being a good friend.


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