Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nursing school blues...

As I sit here between classes having my daily battle whether to stay for my last class of blow it off I see another class get canceled and suddenly it's like I'm 6 again and I want that kid's blocks. I want the freedom of easy classes, getting out early and teachers not worrying about cancelling class because it can easily be made up or dropped off the test. Not the case for science or nursing classes. I just want to go to bed before 2am off sleep in and not worry about homework. I want a nap. And to kick this caffeine addiction I've developed in just 4 weeks.

Which reminds me I need to go find a soda...

I would also like for my boyfriend's friends to stop harrassing me about how long I'm going to be in school. Nursing can't be learned in a year, that's how we keep people from dying. So yes, I have 3 years of school left. Yes it's going to be hard. But I will have my BSN when I'm done so it will be worth it. So they can all shut their faces. There is a good chance my Sean will move to Colorado for work before I graduate but I'm totally okay with vacations in long as he's paying. Carver is going to be pissed though.

Right now with working 24 hours a week, 14 credits at school,commuting 30 minutes to and from work, 20 minutes to and from school, entertaining and raising Carver, maintaining a relationship and keeping the apartment in decent shape is really taking it's toll on me.

Sean is going to the land of the Vikings next week for work to help his coworker Caleb open his store so I'll be without him for 5 days. Haven't decided if it will be a nice break or if I'll lose my mind. Either way, Carver will be super sad.

By the way, I'm staying for my class. I haven't skipped one class yet this semester. I'm sure I'll get hit hard with the flu and need all the sick days I can get so I'm saving up. Plus I have two exams next Monday so I'm in panic mode.

Nursing school really sucks sometimes.

Honestly, it sucks most of the time.


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