Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Must Haves

So anyone who is anyone in the blog world does a must have post….here is mine.

I honestly do not have time to make you one of those cute picture displays and organize the links, I’M IN NURSING SCHOOL

Marissa’s fall must haves:
1. 1,000+ kcups of coffee, teas and cider in the delicious fall flavors for my kuerig machine
2. Reusable travel mugs
3. New scrub jackets to wear to clinical and work
4. Ipod transmitter for my daily commutes (just got it last week!)
5. Pumpkin scented everything
6. New scarves, hats and gloves

I really don’t need any new fall clothes, I wear clinical clothes one day a week and my work clothes to class two or three days a week so I either dress decent or rock the sweat pants the remaining days.

Carver’s Fall must haves:
1. A fall sweater to wear after her gets a hair cut and he’s chilly
2. 6 new toys (seems excessive to me also but he said 6)
3. A Green Bay Packers jersey
4. New harness
5. New leash
6. New, different treats

Why is his list as long as mine?

Friday my goal is to post some picture of my apartment and show off some of my decoration skills and the craft project I finally finished.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


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