Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Yes it is! It is Wednesday already! Hooray! (I don’t pronounce it whore-a, I prefer who-ray!)

I seriously do not remember being on Pinterest that much this past week but my activity feed told me otherwise….I suppose I’ll go with it since I did also consume moderate amounts of alcohol on multiple occasions. But I’m linking up with Michelle for OHP regardless! 

Match Storage

Christmas Ornament Tree

‘Sea glass’ ornaments

Mirror Ornaments

 Check out these AWESOME wedding crafts from my friend Katelyn!

Wedding Invitation Ornament

Honeymoon Sand Ornament

Wedding Shadow Bow! 
DIY Chalkboard

Recycled Glass Stacking Bottles

He’s so ridiculous 

Coffee Stirrer DIY Wal Art

Manicure Jar
Happy Wednesday!


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