Thursday, November 1, 2012

It’s OK Thursday

I had a long day yesterday and wasn’t able to post for OHP… :(

I had class, went to the art museum with Sean for a project due Friday, had to take my laptop in to be fixed, visit a friend in the hospital, thought I had to work, rushed home, rushed my homework to class before work and then got called off work!


It’s OK…

That I worried my laptop would need surgery as if it was my dog or a family member. I have papers to write and social media to keep up with!

To hate shopping with Sean sometimes. He’s so picky and has to look at every item and stuck in this ‘I’m holding on to college but want some grown-up perks’ style mode that I HATE. He bought swim trunks with a pattern on them over a pair of solid ones on clearance for his work trip to Puerto Rico. I don’t get him

To question if our shopping roles are reserved in the relationship. He likes to wander and I wanted to get in and get out most of the time. Or maybe I can just tell when the store doesn’t have a good vibe and we need to move on?

To do a happy dance after finishing homework early

To be jealous my friend Callie got to take Jax out for Halloween and I was stuck quilt-eating mini twix bars and coors light. At least her candy was free. But I had beer. I guess it was a draw.

To want to sleep ALL the time. I’m in bed by 11 most nights and asleep by 12.

To miss my friends and having them nearby or in my apartment for late-night rants.

That I packed up my Halloween decorations tonight and replaced them with Thanksgiving decor.

To call my mom three times in one day and be counting down the hours until I’m home on Friday.

Have a great Thursday! I’ll be in class and then at work!


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  1. oh i go to sleep wayyy early. I need my sleep!!