Monday, October 1, 2012

Borrowing from Mom

   My mom did something like this last year with a smaller vase, light-up willow branches and glass rocks. So naturally I’m going to steal her idea and take it up a notch. I needed some decor to fill some floor space that cane be moved around when needed and fill up empty spaces. We move furniture when we have people over and play games so everything needs to be easily moved.
I purchased the two vases at TJ Maxx for $18 exactly. How awesome is that?
The ridiculously bright stick lights were $22 for 3 branch bundles at Target. Steep if you ask me but my mom paid $17 for one bundle last year so I guess I can’t complain too much. Plus they’re so bright they can light up the whole room. 
The filler is just black tissue paper and orange stuffer stuff that that I spent $4 on at Target. 

Come November 1st, I’m adding ornaments and Christmas stuff no matter what Sean says. 

In other news, my nursing buddy Randi and I are having a study date at my apartment. And by study date I mean we’re watching movies, eating pizza and she’s morphing photos of Sean and I to see what our future babies will look like. Ahh procrastination. 


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