Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 Things I Learned at Nursing School Today

My first day may have sucked majorly but the second day, though very long, was much better!

Here is what I learned:
20. My nursing program thinks we should write one million(ish) pages before we graduate.
19. I will never be done buying things for the nursing program.
18. I already have 32 hours of homework to do but I don’t know where to start.
17. I don’t like spending 11 hours on campus in one day.
16. The nursing department thinks we’re umpa lumpas because I can almost see my naval in my polo
15. In normal classes, no one turns to see who is talking. In nursing classes, 23 heads turn to stare at you and cause you a ridiculous amount of speaking anxiety you never knew you had.
14. 85% of my classes are made up of sophomores who seem 10 years younger than me.
13. The other 12% are people 30 years of age or older
12. The other 3% are seniorish people like me & the other 22yr old I met today. (Yay for new friends!)
11. My university strongly believes that every syllabus should be at least 30 pages long and the teacher should cover every single word of said document on the first day. There will be no early dismissals.
10. I think it is every professor’s goal to freak every student out as much as possible the first day just to see how many quit. I thought about it 8 times.
9. My mom gets annoyed when I call her 3 times a day. I didn’t cry today though.
8. Apparently I am quite the likable gal. People I had class with last semester wanted to sit by me, be in my group & be my lab partner! Or maybe they didn’t know anyone else. Either way, I’m okay with it.
7. I am required to attend a meeting every Wednesday at 4pm. I’m also supposed to work then so it will be very interesting to see how it plays out.
6. 75% of my classmates are not working during the school year.
5. Sophomores drink water, the other, older people in my classes drink caffeine by the gallon
4. It is acceptable to live off campus as long as you can carpool or live close to clinical.
3. Friends are for study groups, not socializing. (So I have to drink by myself from now on)
2. Jobs in the medical field are great to gain experience and useful knowledge but will cut into your study time, choose wisely.
1. My nursing program is kind of cool.

Time to do homework for 6 hours!


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