Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tell me about it Tuesday!

I’m linking up with the Helene, Emily, and Kathleen for their new weekly link-up: Tell me about it Tuesday! TMAT is our chance to vent and honestly who doesn’t need that?! I know I do after the day I had yesterday! This can be a story, an idea, new craft, fashions, design, photos of your dog (guilty) etc, etc! 

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My tell me about it moment-

Yesterday I was at the State of Iowa NSA (Nursing Student Association) Convention all day from 6:45am until 5pm at the old Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium which is now the ‘Community Choice Community Credit Union Convention Center’. No one could think of a shorter name? Anyway it was bitter sweet for me because they converted the old auditorium into the MASSIVE convention center and I remember attending state wrestling in Vets my first year as a wrestling cheerleader before we were allowed to travel. My mom drove my friend and I out just to watch for a bit and shop. Ahh the memories. 

Vets then during state wresting and now the top part serves as a banquet hall. 

Anyway, so at convention each school is allowed to bring as many members as they like and are allotted a certain number of delegates based on their schools attendance and membership. We are also encouraged to create resolutions that may help improve the health care field. As delegates, it is our job to make sure these resolutions are up to the highest standard at the state level and challenge not only each other but ask the author questions to make sure we all understand the resolution before voting on whether to pass the resolution to the house to be considered to nationals. 

Being my first year at convention, my teachers had encouraged me to observe but made sure my classmates and I were prepared if we had something to contribute. Parliamentary procedure is tricky my friends and let me tell you some of the other colleges had no idea what they were doing and 



  1. thank you so much for joining our link up!! love your blog!! what a cool convention to be a part of!

  2. Thank you so much for joining our linkup! Looking forward to getting to know you more!!

  3. Found your blog through the linkup (the title caught my eye) I am a nursing student too! Well, almost just finishing up my second year of prerequisites and then two years of nursing school crazy before the real world :)