Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Hours of Thinking

Today I woke up with a lovely rash on my arms and chest which my genius doctor cannot identify. Awesome. It may be a reaction to something or it maybe a form of shingles so I couldn’t go to work so I decided to head to my mom’s house a day early. Yay for mom! It’s a delightful 3 hour trip and I’ve always been a road trip kind of girl and my dog loves the car, he naps and I get a lot of thinking, singing and planning done.

1. Along the way I saw a caravan of about a dozen awesome old cars in tip-top shape driven by retirees  with grey hair and passengers whose perms where perfectly poofed (it’s my word, don’t hate). What a special day today must have been for them to be on the open road as a group. Did I mention they all had on leather jackets? I want to be old and cool like them someday.

2. I have the BEST car companion. He wakes up when I talk to him and hops in the front seat for a snack and when we're done, he gets in the back on his bed and falls back asleep in like 5 seconds. Plus everyone we pass smiles at his set-up in the back seat.

3. I love living in Ankeny. Driving past tiny towns and towns that wish they were as awesome as Ankeny or Des Moines (cough cough Iowa City and Davenport) makes me realize how much I love it. I enjoy the aspects of a small town and love visiting Camanche where my mom lives and I went to high school, but I’m definitely a big city girl.

4. Some girl talking on her phone in her grey Nissan murano from Illinois forced me into the grass and I’m still pretty heated about it. She tried to switch into my lane before her car was even halfway passed mine and had I not swerved it would’ve been a nasty accident. I had the misfortune of following her for 10miles because of a surplus of slow semis. This forced me to plot my revenge until she pulled off at a rest stop but I chose to be the better person and keep driving.

5. Camanche Days starts tomorrow. I’m excited because it’s my first year in the beer tent everyone looks forward to once they reach the age when they’re too old for the carnival rides. Last year I had to work so as a 22 year old, this be my first year. How exciting. I’ll be sure to post more about this semi-exciting event this weekend.


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