Monday, August 13, 2012

My Future Daughter’s Sugar Daddy

Meet Mr. Jackson.

While I was home in good old Camanche for 6 days I got to spend a lot of time with this little guy. Too much time if you ask him. A few weeks ago he would scream when I came to his house to visit. Last week when I came over he was indifferent about my presence. But this week when I came over he actually knew who I was and said my name! Well he said Riss but I’ll take what I can get!

Jackson’s mom had Thursday off so got to sleep in as long as Jax would allow her and she was keeping her fingers crossed for 8am considering we were up until at least midnight. Well Callie finally woke up well past 10am and went to check on the little fellow…as she crept up to his door she heard him call out


Mama! Water!


What a smart kid, understanding dehydration at such a young age.
This is why he has first dibs on my future daughters.

We mostly watched cartoons and I tried to understand the eloi kind of language he speaks and mimic his words back to him. He talks so fast it’s impossible to understand him 90% of the time. I mostly just catch one word here and there.

Before Callie and I could watch his dad’s softball game and then head over to Camanche Days, we dropped him off at his grandma and grandpa’s house which he was super-duper over-the-moon excited about on the way over. He ran the their front door as fast as his little legs could take him. As Callie was getting ready to leave he walks to he edge of the porch and looks at me in the car...

He smiled at me

Waved his little hand

And said, “BYE RISS!”

My heart it melted right there in the car. No one told him to do that. What a sweetheart. He’s getting a belly washer and candy next time I see him. I hate that I live 3 hours away from him and don’t get to hang with him all the time. But this weekend rocked because of that little guy. 

And all the beer I consumed with my friends and family. That helped too. 

Camanche Days was definitely a success and I had a great time with friends I never get to see enough. But those stories are not blog appropriate. Trust me on that. 


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