Monday, August 27, 2012

Nursing School Day 1

I hate it.
The people suck.
I want to move home.
This college sucks.
I hate college.
Screw this.
I haven't even had a nursing class yet.
Just my two science classes which are absolutely overwhelming and insane. I kicked butt at the math portion of organic chemistry though which I'm pretty darn proud of!
Plus my university is holding MY loan money ransom until next Wednesday when the drop period is over. That caused a 15 minute panic session between classes in my car trying to figure out how to buy my books because unlike my rich classmates who went to Valley or Dowling, I don't keep an extra $800 in my pocket to buy text books. Does the school think I'm made of money? They could've told me they were going to hold my money hostage so I could have planned for this ahead of time. Although the money tree at mom's house really isn't doing well so I don't know where I would have ever pulled an extra $800 out of.
At least 10 times today I thought about how great it would be to still be living at my mom's house. Oh the good old days. I miss them so much.
Maybe tomorrow will be better. It has to be...

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