Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tminus Two Days

Oh My Chod.
Two Days until the semester starts? That’s It?
I have a ton left to do!

To Do List:
-Finish my Certified Profile info
-Buy all my books (pops)
-Buy school supplies
-Buy the rest of my student nursing stuff
-Scrub the apartment top to bottom so I don’t have to worry about it until December
-Grocery shopping: stock up for the semester so I don’t have to buy stupid stuff like toilet paper or Qtips because Sean won’t buy them and I won’t have time.
*He texted me 4 times last week looking for face wash in Target while I was at work. I WAS AT WORK. IN A HOSPITAL. Couldn’t ask someone that worked there. Thankfully I was able to text him back and give him directions or I’m sure he would’ve walked out empty handed.*

I got online to look at the syllabi and would’ve had an anxiety attack had I not had wine there to comfort me. The semester hasn’t even started and I’m already stressed!

Honestly I’m freaking out. There is not other way to describe it. It makes me sick to my stomach. But I found some good advice over at Confessions of a Nursing Student

My advice for soon-to-be nursing students: 

1. Never forget that every other person in that classroom is just as scared as you are. If they always look confident, it is just an act. So don’t let them stress you out.

2. Be prepared to work hard. You will have to do a lot of reading, and it will be very confusing at times. Do the best you can to get through it, and highlight anything that might sound important.

3. Find a few classmates you get along with, and stick with them through the whole program. At times when no one else in your life fully understands what you are going through, they will. 

4. Be prepared to feel lost. 

5. Ask tons of questions. If you are told by a nurse to do something on a patient and you are not familiar with it or are uncomfortable, ask for help. Don’t let it bother you that she rolls her eyes at you, you have the right to learn, and your patients have the right to receive safe care.

6. Be prepared to laugh at yourself. 

7. Even though you are extremely busy, take one night off. 

8. Find an outlet for your frustrations. 

9. Know that you are not alone!! 

She had more detail but I didn’t think my non-nursing readers wanted to read about feet. You’re welcome Callie. I can’t wait until I can give this advice and I’m finally done with school. 

Someday soon. 2 years from now. 


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