Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today I got one of the greatest gifts a hospital worker can receive. Low census at 7am. At 5:30am on the dot the night charge nurse called and told me I had the first four hours of my shift off. Carver was as excited as me because he jumped right out of bed and grabbed a toy to play with. Don’t worry we both quickly fell back asleep for 4 extra hours of sleep! Ahhh! It was glorious! Plus an 8 hour shift instead of a 12 means one set less of vitals, less baths, and less everything in between! The day is going to go so fast! 

But now I am up and getting ready to head to work and that dog is still asleep on my bed. I made the bed but he refuses to get up out of it. He will get up if I make him go outside and to take his pill but then he hops right back up into bed. And he will most likely be there when I get home at 8 tonight. He seriously lives such a rough life. 

Uh-oh I hear pawsteps…I better go tend to the little one.

Notice the footstool so he can come and go as he pleases. 

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