Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Worst Mother Ever.

I forgot the toy bin.

All of Carver’s toys except for the big bobo which we found behind our bedroom door.

That’s like 30 toys all left behind.

It’s like a nightmare dog version of toy story. Except there are Woody and Buzz are not going to save the day this time.

And he knew I forgot the toys because when we got home he starting searching for something. I assumed it was for our roommates who had moved out while we were gone. Nope, it was for his toys.

And even when he found bobo I still didn’t notice that I forgot them. The toys are usually the first thing to come in the house.

I’ve failed him.

If you think I’m overreacting, look at how many toys he has and how defensive he gets when I try to take a picture of them.
Are you looking at my toys?
I tried to find another picture of him to put in this post but they ALL include one of his other toys that I left in Camanche. I had to go buy him a new toy to avoid another catastrophe like the last time he went without his toy bin.

We left him with our good friends Jenna and Aleah for the weekend but forgot the toys. Well Sean forgot them. I left everything sitting by the front door for Sean to take to Ames for the record. They went and bought him a toy rope. He hates toy ropes. He didn't eat for 6 days and peed all over their floors. I swear to Chod. Aleah’s reenactment is hilarious.

He was an emotional mess. We bought new toys, new food, new everything. I had to force feed him high calorie food paste to keep him alive. He still won’t talk about it. It was a dark time.

But he made it through. He’s a trooper. Love him.

Luckily Aunt Ali is bringing the toy basket Friday when she comes to Des Moines for another girl’s weekend!!! I can’t wait to share about the first one!


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  1. Im such a good aunt :)
    and I cant wait for that next post!! :D See you in 2 days!!!