Monday, October 29, 2012

Five for Five

1. Don’t buy anything I don’t need this week.  FAIL. 
2. Cut back on my sugar intake. I did pretty good at cutting back my sugar, until I went to Ames for the weekend and tailgated. 
3. Cut Carver’s hair. Just did that today. I’m still not good at it. 
4. CLEAN my apartment. Fail. 
5. Get my oil changed and low tired checked out. CHECK! 

New goals for the week:
1. Clean my apartment
2. Take Carver for at least two long walks this week
3. Work on my many projects BEFORE they are due. NO PROCRASTINATING! 
4. Take my laptop to the Apple store to see what is wrong with the battery. 
5. Take at least one photo everyday. I’m loving my photography class so I want to keep improving my skills. 

I’ll be spending my day in Hy-Vee Hall in Downtown Des Moines at the NSA conference with my entire nursing program and nursing students from all over the state. Should be a very educational day! Have a great Monday!


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