Friday, October 5, 2012

HIgh Five for Friday

In my blog surfing I have discovered a new theme. High Five for Friday.
A fun way to sum up the week in photos.

I already do this sans photos and made my post when I got home but I wanted to take a stab at this new creative way to sum up the week. And I’m choosing to exclude anything that has to do with nursing school, high five Friday is supposed to reflect the POSITIVES and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Here goes:
1. I got a TINY bit of fall decorations! And look how fabulous my hurricanes are! I have added a dish of candy that is constantly empty thanks to Sean’s sweet tooth so I may have to rethink the candy dish.

2. This little princess’s mommy put up photos from her first birthday and I got the steal some to hang up in the apartment since the only ones we had were her 6 month photos. 
3. I am in love with the new bookcases in our bedroom. They still need some more decorating (I’m working on it) but I love that everything has a place now and I’m having a blast rearranging, sorting and tossing out things. 
4. I got to take a cruise between classes today and headed towards downtown. I had better photos but they got deleted thanks to my awesome phone. I absolutely love driving or walking around downtown Des Moines whenever I get the chance, so much action and excitement!
5. Carver’s picture was submitted to Dog-Shaming! He never destroys things like the terrible dogs on the website but he sure knows how to make a mess with his toys so I thought I would capture it and submit his photo. Hopefully this will lead to a dog-modeling career for him and he can start being the bread winner around here. Yeah...maybe not.
That’s all folks! What a great way to reflect on the great things that happened to you over the week! I will definitely be doing this weekly!


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