Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everything in it’s place…except the rest of the apartment

For those of you that don’t know, I live with my boyfriend Sean and roommate Sophie who is a few years younger than me (although sometimes it feels like decades). S & S do their best to keep up with my crafts and go along with my projects but mostly just stay out of my way. Sean says it’s safer that way. He just makes sure I turn off the glue gun, cap the E6000 and turns off the scentsy because craft night usually involves wine and I go big. He’s a keeper. 

I have been working for quite some time to get my apartment just how I want it and lately I have made some great headway so here’s an update from the move-in post. **I’m showing you the organized portions of my apartment, there are other parts that are decorated but covered in Sean’s clothes, Sohpie’s bathroom things or the beds aren’t made and I didn’t want to mess with it to take a picture**

My Halloween display. I didn’t get too into halloween because we don’t have too much room to store stuff and I’d rather spend money on year-round decorations. I filled my hurricanes with glitter balls and battery candles found at Michael’s and found a free printable online. Plus Sean’s niece makes everything cuter! 

My bathroom display I finished yesterday! I think the tray gives the bathroom a touch of class! Plus something  besides black, everyone keeps telling me I have too much black in the apartment so I’m working on finding some more color for it. 
My new corner bookcase from LTD Commodities. It took forever to build and the instructions were pretty hard to follow (one piece may be backwards) but I really like it. Lots of glass pieces from Hobby Lobby and some cool looking soup cans to bring in some color. Got to love the Clearance section! We still need some artwork from the wall but I think we’re going to make something. 

Our big family wall. It’s mostly Sean’s niece Ari but we have photos of family and friends up there too.  We don’t have a hallway to make a gallery so this was as close as I could get. 

Out little kitchen table display. Yes those are surround sound speakers, we we hook our iPods up to it when we have friend over and are playing games and have something different on the TV. The candy jar is usually empty. Having Reese’s pumpkins is a tradition in Sean’s family that I’m upholding but that jar is the devil. 

My clearance bookshelf from Target. We had been looking for one of these for a while in case we ever want to move to electronics down from the TV nook, so I was excited to find this for $40! I just LOVE the red, black and grey on this bookshelf. I think it all pulled together really well. And of course, more Ari. 

Those are my favorite spaces in the apartment. I’m working on a few other surfaces that have nothing on them but I don’t want to clutter the space of finish the whole space because then I’m sure Sean will tell me we have to move…I guess that’s some hidden fear of being an Army kid. :)

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Thursday!


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