Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am not a mechanic

I have always be relatively lucky in the vehicle department.

When I have had issues I have had my dad, friends or my cousins to bail me out and fix my car. 

Well this weekend, while I was home, my brother borrowed my car to drive to a golf tournament in Morrison, Illinois. The next day my care would not start. My dad was out of town for business and not answering his phone because he was on the plane to D.C. so Chod and I had to figure it out on our own. We figured out my car was out of oil. Yep, out of oil. I have never heard of that happening to anyone. 

For the record I had just switched to a synthetic oil because I commute so much and got really tired of paying for oil changes every month. The synthetic promised to let me drive 15k and cost me less so I was all for it. I still had 6k until my oil change so I am super irritated about this. 

My mom and I went and and bought some oil to fill it up so i could make it back to Ankeny and have the place that changed my oil fix their mistake. We added the oil and after 10 minutes of trying finally got my car started. My mom decided to keep the my car on to let the oil run for a bit. 

Well my car locked. My car never locks. Even when I’m driving it the doors don’t lock. But at least my mom was at fault here and not me! We called the local mechanic and he came out, in the pouring rain, and unlocked my car before it ran out of gas. Yay! 

I need to learn more about my car so I’m less helpless. This is ridiculous. 


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