Sunday, October 7, 2012

A weekend of nothing.

This weekend I got to do my favorite thing, nothing…all weekend. Well I actually did a lot around the apartment but thanks to Homecoming week at school, I had no projects, papers or test to study for! I ran a lot of errands, vacuumed, dusted and relaxed. It was glorious. I’m still nursing a wicked sinus infection so my system is packed full of amoxicillin and flonase.

Saturday I decided to make tailgate food for the Notre Dame game and I must say I impressed myself. I made BBQ pulled chicken in the crockpot, Jalapeño pinwheels, Jimmy Dean dip (sausage, cream cheese and ro*tel in the small crockpot), and oreo poke cake! Sean was super happy and miserable from eating too much, but the Irish won! Woo-hoo!
Don’t they look amazing?
After sleeping for 12 hours like a rock I decided to do some long overdue crafts on Sunday. Our bathrooms have no wall decor so that was my goal for the day. But I wanted to use things We had laying around the apartment that weren’t being used. Yay for free crafts!

I downloaded LOTS of free printables from Sprik Space who I found through Katelyn and her latest 'Oh How Pintersting' Wednesday post. What an awesome find!

 I laid out all my frames on the floor, face down to get the perfect arrangement. Then I laid 3 pieces of wax paper taped together on top and marked out the light switch so I could avoid that. Being the idiot that I am, I used a permanent marker with the wax paper against the wall when marking the light switch and accidentally marked the wall. Thank goodness for magic erasers! Back to work, I marked the top, center part of the frame so that when I hung up the wax paper I could simply hammer through the marks and everything would be right where I want it! Please note my beautiful assistant…he kept walking over the wax paper so I put him up there to get out of the way.

I already had the frames and just had to print the images! So easy!
I think I may add a few more but I’m out of frames. I’m glad I finally found a purpose for all my black frame though. I seriously think I had a frame problem, I used to buy them whenever I went to the store.
I even put some in Sophie’s bathroom. These all reminded me of her. 
So thankful for a relaxing weekend!


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