Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I am Loving Wednesday!

I LOVE finding new theme days! They give me guidelines and goals to meet for the week. Otherwise I would probably just write about how much nursing school sucks. Because it really does.

Today I decided to start linking up with Jamie on Wednesdays for What I am Loving Wednesdays! This means I'll either do a double post or two posts on Wednesdays. I like this idea!

Here's what I am loving on this dreary, rainy day in Iowa-

I AM LOVING that I just finished that organic test. I don't know how I did because it was incredibly hard but I love that I am done with it and no longer have to worry.

I AM LOVING that I don't have to work tonight and get to catch up on homework, read ahead in my microbiology book, and do some extra studying. This in unheard of in nursing school!

I AM LOVING that my baby brother turned 17 yesterday and didn't call to whine about not getting a present. I'm sure he got plenty from other people!

I AM LOVING that there is no NSA meeting tonight and I truly have the entire night to do whatever I want

I AM LOVING that it is chilly enough to wear my North Face jackets, I missed them so much! I am one of those weirdos that actually enjoys Iowa weather, snow and all.

I AM  LOVING that Carver is finally accepting his Halloween costume and acting normal when I put it on him. He used to act like a statue and refuse to move when it was on. Resistance is useless little one!

I AM LOVING that Christmas is coming soon, I have already started buying for everyone! It's so much easier to make a list, stick to it and shop the sales!

I AM LOVING having a break between my two classes to blog!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!


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