Friday, October 26, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I’m linking up with Lauren for my FAVORITE day of the week. FRIDAY FRIDAY! 
After classes I get to catch up on Grey’s, Vampire Diaries and Glee (it wasn’t on this week though) and just relax!  I accomplished a lot with my crafts this week and posted a lot on here so I’m going to give myself a high five since Carver won’t. 

Here’s the recap:

1. I was a crafting fool this week!
I made this!
And this (same post)
2. I have HOMEWORK to take photos of my favorite things!
Photography class is going great! Carver is a great model!
3. I voted!
I voted for the 2nd time in my life and
voted early for the 1st time in my life. 
4. It’s almost Halloween!
Someone does NOT love his costume. 
5.  Boy do I love thirty one and any excuse to use my bags. I did a lot of reorganizing (not shown in this old photo) with some new bags and had tons of fun!
My collection in August. I’ll update the photo next week. 
I know what I’m getting for Christmas from my mom and I am so excited! I don’t know specifics but let’s just say my bag collection is going to get much bigger. :) We are obsessed with bags and since my mom became a bag consultant our problem has only gotten worse. BUT I am SO organized. 

I think I’m going to pack a little bag and take my dog to the park. Enjoy your Friday and the rest of your weekend if I don’t blog until Sunday or Monday. 


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